Concept 1 Training: The ONE Thing Workshop

You can live an awesome life by following the principles of The ONE Thing, the best-selling book by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. The ONE Thing podcast, hosted by Josh Friberg, will teach you to live a better, more fulfilling life both personally and professionally.
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Concept 1 Training: The ONE Thing Workshop


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Sep 13, 2016

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Today’s Big Idea:

What’s the one thing I can do for my personal life? It might be time to get a hobby.

What is The ONE Thing Workshop

My name is Josh Friberg. I am a lifelong trainer. I am a certified trainer of The ONE Thing Workshop, built off the best-seller by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. Who is this for? The entrepreneur, business owner, or leader looking for greater productivity, lower stress, and how to balance well in your professional and personal life. We are going to go deep into making your life amazing, not by doing more, but by doing less.

Some suggestions on how to “re-create” your personal life through recreation and rest.

1. Engage in a hobby or leisure activity that honors your personality.

2. Respect and engage in the rest/work cycle.

3. Engage in reading.

If you aren’t healthy, you’re going to have a hard time getting others healthy.

Find a hobby or leisure activity that fills you up, gives you energy and takes your mind off the constant push of productivity.

Recognize and honor the rest/work cycle that has endured for generations. We’ve really lost track of the rest/work cycle. Cultivate habits of daily, weekly, and seasonal rest. Take a step back, in order to take ten steps forward.

Recognize your personality in how you spend your leisure time. Look at where you get your energy. Do you get it from being alone or from being with people? Do you process internally or externally? It’s important to be intentional about how you spend your leisure time.

Wealthy and successful people are often asked what superpower they would like to have. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet both said they wish they could read and comprehend faster. When we read a lot, we learn through the experience of others. Reading is such a valuable tool for plotting our own experience against the experience of others.

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